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I read in a book that Dylan Klebold was bisexual. The author states that Dylan came out during an internet chat, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

No, that was another lie that a journalist named Connor decided to tell. He said that he talked with Dylan on a internet chat, and that Dylan told he was planning to bombing his school, he basically told the plans and that he and Eric were a couple. That was all BS, because first I doubt that Dylan would told him the plan, and the guy didn’t warn the police. Only after the shootings he remembered he talked to a guy named Dylan. Second the police investigated and they told there was no evidence of any chat between that guy and Dylan. That guy was a male version of Brenda Parker, who wanted to get fame using the shootings as an excuse. Dylan liked girls, there was any indication he liked boys. So don’t believe in that cause that is not true.

Do you believe the Harris's and Klebold's forgive their sons for what they did? And about Eric's shirt, are their any pictures of it after it was removed from his body? And can anyone view it?

I don’t know if they forgave their actions, but I’m sure they always and still love them. That doesn’t me they understand their actions, cause I’m sure they don’t condone their actions, but no matter what, they would be their sons and they will love them.

About the shirt, there is no pictures of the t-shirt after it was removed from Eric. I’m sure the police took photos of it, but they were not made public.

Nothing happened on May 8th, I'm just asking what do u think of when you hear May 8th? What comes to ur mind when I say May 8th. What do u think of the are May 8th?

I don’t think anything, because nothing happens in that day. Is just a day for me.

Can you tell me how Eric Harris says after 6.40 minutes into the video "Eric Harris insade Columbine (Full video)" from YouTube? I beg you :-(, thanks.

You mean the part where he said: “Hey mother want another?”

Did Tom & Sue Klebold ever talk with Wayne & Kathy Harris after the shootings? I've heard that they never did but that would be strange. You think they would at least talk to each other over the matter. If not I wonder if they just wanted nothing to do with each other.

They weren’t friends, but if they talked probably was during court hearings or something, and even that we are not sure they did cause they were with their lawyers.

I love hearing your opinion on things. Being able to come to this blog and feel accepted even though I have strange interests, is refreshing. You seem like a lovely, intelligent person! Thank you for providing your followers with factual information and stating your opinions on questions. :)

aww thank you dear. You seem very lovely and feel free to come by any time you want :)

Who was riding in Eric's car with him in the CHS Highway Patrol video?

Eric Veik

did eric have anything against jewish people?

Eric hated religion, in general.

Do you happen to know what both of their brothers do for a living? Was just curious...

I don’t know about Byron, but Kevin is a physical therapist in the army