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What kind of person do you think Dylan liked? I don't really know anything about the girls he may have liked.

I don’t know maybe someone who he could talk about anything, and laugh with him and was nice and sweet, maybe. Someone who loved him and made him feel loved

where they bought the guns?

The two shot guns and rifle was in a gun show in Denver and the TEC 9 was from Phil Duran friend: Mark Manes that we can see in the rampart range video

holy shit! how they got all that money?

From their work for example and extra duties they did

how much money spent Dylan and Eric for bombs and weapons?

I guess a lot. For the weapons the TEC 9 cost 500$ and the other 3 guns around 245$ each. so only in gun they spend way over the 1000$.

Hey I was just wondering which books on Columbine you'd recommend? I heard that some of them are full of shit so I just wanted your opinion ((:

Read Brooks Brown book: No easy Answers and Jeff Kass book: Columbine - A true crime story those are very good books

they went to the cafeteria to make bombs and then back out?

They put the bombs there and then returned to their cars and waited for the explosion that never happened

Did eric do any drugs

They both smoke weed

I’m full of love and… lol, jk, I never wrote that.
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what was eric watch?

I don’t know, but I believe it was similar to this one

Do you know if the girl, that the letter that Dylan (or was it Eric?) wrote... ever leave a piece of paper in his locker????

It was Dylan and I think he never sent that letter to her